@2017 Cody C. Thompson Photography

My name is Cody Thompson.

            I grew up spending my winters attending school in Scottsdale, Arizona and lucky enough to spend my summers at my families summer home on Georgetown lake, located in Southwest Montana.  Leaving my "school" friends was hard every spring, but it was always nice to reunite with my "summer" friends and enjoy all the water sports we shared together.  Eventually moving to Montana full time, I finished my senior year of high school in the near by little town of Anaconda.  

            I then studied and followed my art dreams at the Art Institute of Seattle where I started fine tuning my artistic abilities.  However it wasn't long before I put my roots back in Anaconda and started my first business, "Python Graphics".

            For the next decade I opened and ran several successful businesses and enjoyed the "big sky country" of Montana.  In my free time, I enjoyed capturing the breathtaking beauty of my surroundings and my love for  photography grew like a Western Montana wild fire!

            It wasn't long before photography filled my heart and consumed my thoughts and even my dreams.  Soon cameras multiplied, lenses accumulated, and equipment upgraded to a professional stature.  Cody C. Thompson Photography was born!

            I now fill my days with the incredible gratifying field of professional photography full time.  I continue shaping my skills every day by attending world class seminars, lectures and workshops.  I attend Photoshop World every year to stay abreast on the latest photography techniques, equipment and learn from the best photographers in the world!

            I am a nationally published photographer with my work being printed on everything from magazine, album and book covers to  world wide publications on the internet and even produced movie posters for the big screen.  I have been viewed on national television and have worked with numerous well known companies and celebrities.

            Besides following my personal artistic dreams, I also teach and educate young and upcoming photographers.  I offer photography and editing classes at my studio and also travel to local schools to participate in their photography and art classes.

            Currently I spend my time both in Montana and Arizona learning, educating, and pursing my deep love for photography.  I am not only appreciative but humbled that I am fortunate enough to share my intimacy of photography with the rest of the world!

                                                                                                            -Cody Thompson